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Public Relations

With Alan Mac MP

The Public Relations Adviser for Hampshire East Trefoil Guild is:

 Avril Stouse

email:    hantseasttrefoilpr@outlook.com

We now have our own County Trefoil Facebook Page entitled‘Hampshire East Trefoil’

The aim of Hampshire East Trefoil Facebook page is to use it for PR & publicity purposes. It is a Closed Group so only our members can post on it. Members of the general public, who want to know more about Trefoil in Hampshire East, can click on ‘Hampshire East Discover More’. It’s a great way to keep our current members informed about what is happening and target potential new members, especially as most people now have access to social media.

Facebook causes concern for some but we have safeguards in place. Members of the public who are Facebook members will be able to see its content but will not be able to write anything. Members of Trefoil will have to apply to ‘join’ the group in order to post.

The Administrator (Avril) & the Moderator (Eunice) will monitor those wishing to become members. For existing Trefoil members there will be no problem in becoming members of our Facebook Group but if any applicants are unknown to us, Eunice or I will check their own Facebook pages, to make sure they are suitable, before accepting them.

As our Facebook Page will be seen we must be mindful of what we share and make sure it shows positive and engaging posts. By doing this, it makes for an easy way of putting Trefoil ‘on the map’ and hopefully, to gain new members too.

We hope that as many people as possible look at it regularly and that Trefoil members will post interesting photos and comments. It’s such a good way of sharing our news, events, activities and all the fun we have, and who knows:      we may gain new members of Trefoil. 

Let’s Be Seen In 2019


E-News one was enthusiastically received by members and friends, including local councillors and MPs, Angel Radio & The News.

It is a simple way of keeping everyone in touch with what we are & have been doing  – but we do need your help please.

We see E-News as an easy way to communicate and keep in touch with members and non-members and it is planned to produce E-News termly.

Each edition will be cascaded throughout the county by sending to Trefoil Chairs, who will then forward to each ‘emailable’ Trefoil member. Hopefully, members will share E-News with those not on email. Girlguiding members will receive their copies in the same way.

Please would chairs send it on to their local councillors (unless in Havant), also clergy, Parish Offices, libraries, and more. We need to spread the word.

We aim to circulate to as many people as possible and for this we need every member’s help please. When you receive your copy, please would you forward it to anyone you feel might be interested, especially those not in Trefoil.  There are 31 subscribers on the list at the moment but it would be wonderful if we could reach at least 100 and more.

Encourage them to subscribe through the link at the end of E-News. It would be good to share with Mayors, local councillors, M.P.s, Clergy, Community Centres, Libraries, Health Centres, to name but a few, but we must be mindful of GDPR.

E-News one in Word Doc


Let our strapline for 2019 be:

Let’s be seen in 2019

With this strap line in mind, though I appreciate the wearing of Trefoil items of clothing is purely a matter of personal choice, it would be good if we could take every opportunity to wear our Promise badges (the miniature ones often start a conversation), name badges, scarves, carry Trefoil bags around for shopping etc. so we drip feed the general public into noticing us & ask questions. The wearing of our ‘Red’ would be perfect too, especially when out & about. It’s up to us all to spread the word.


Publicity Events

We will be taking part in the Free Community Showcase on Sunday 13th September from 10.00am – 2.00pm at Ferneham Hall, Fareham.

Do drop in & say hello to us.

We are re-establishing our strong link with Hampshire East Girlguiding and took our display board along to the County Training Day in May, where we helped with refreshments. We also helped at the last BP adventure weekend by assisting the girls with sewing badges on their camp blankets, making bunting and decorating pumps/plimsolls. It was good to help and be seen.

We’ve had a successful presence at Farlington Summer Fair, the Community Fair in Havant and at the Volunteer event in Fareham.

Please would Chairs be mindful of local opportunities & let me know about events happening in their areas so we can make contact. 

We need to be seen



We have been challenged, nationally,  to increase our membership numbers by at least one member per Guild in the coming year. It would be wonderful if this could happen in Hampshire East. Though we are trying to encourage younger people to join, we mustn’t forget our peers and need to remember that anyone aged 18+ is welcome.

‘Let’s grow our Guilds’

A link has been established with PUGS (Portsmouth University Guides & Scouts) and we are hopeful that members will take an interest in our County Trefoil and maybe start their own Guild.

We have also targetted parents of girls throughout the County with an emphasis on:

‘Why should your daughters have all the fun

when you can too’.


‘Let’s be seen in 2019’